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Deleting Emails on an iPad


How can I erase multiple emails on my iPad all at once?


Just go to your message list and click “Edit” in the upper right-hand corner. A circle will appear beside each email message. Simply tap the circle beside all the messages you wish to delete, and then press the red Delete button at the bottom left. All the messages you selected will be erased simultaneously.


Signing up for a new service recently, I was told to access the service from a “secure” computer. What constitutes a secure computer? Is a computer at the library secure?


There’s no precise definition of which I’m aware. However, I would say a secure computer is one whose owner or operator has put in place all commonly used security measures, such as turning on the firewall and running up-to-date security software on Windows. It would also involve making sure the network on which the computer runs has security measures in place. As for computers in libraries, my view is that people should avoid performing confidential tasks on a computer that uses any public network, whether in a library or a coffee shop.


Do the BlackBerry Curve or Bold have an Internet radio app like the ones that work with an iPhone?


There are multiple Internet radio apps available for current BlackBerry models through the BlackBerry App World store. Among these are TuneIn Radio, iheartradio, and Wunder Radio. I haven’t tested them, so I can’t recommend one over another.

If you’re shopping for a new BlackBerry, and want to determine if a particular app runs on that model, you can check the Get Details section of the app listing in the web version of the store, at http://bit.ly/18lmvX.

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