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Automatic Syncing


I am looking for a program to sync folders between computers automatically. So far, I have found two candidates: Syncplicity and SugarSync. I’d like to hear your opinion.


I have never tried Syncplicity, so I can’t comment on it. Despite the occasional glitch, I have found SugarSync to be reliable and I use it regularly as a paid subscriber. It syncs selected folders among a whole clutch of PCs and Macs I own and stores the files in the cloud, allowing access from the Web. There are some downsides. It doesn’t support syncing Outlook data files. And while it can back up photos and music to the cloud, and make them accessible via a browser or smartphone app, it can’t properly sync iPhoto and iTunes libraries—the databases that organize the media within those programs—among multiple computers.


I am shopping for an iPad 2 and want 3G capability in addition to Wi-Fi. I am wondering if you recommend the AT&T version or the Verizon version? I live in Washington, but plan to use it in New York City as well.


I have only tested the Verizon version of the iPad 2, and have found that the 3G function works fine for me in both those cities. I can’t say how AT&T works on the latest iPad, but on the original model, I found that, while it was good in D.C., it was sometimes unreliable in New York.

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